We have selected the biggest slot machine myths for you and explain them to you. What is it and who is spreading such rumors and half-truths?!

Myth – After a big win, you should switch machines or games.

Where does the nonsense come from: The idea behind it is simple. After a big win, a slot machine is no longer willing to pay out any more money. After all, the manufacturer and the gambling provider first have to earn money with it again. You will come across it again and again in some slot machine tricks articles and books on the subject.

The truth: Every game in the online casino has a built-in random number generator (RNG). This is checked by independent testing bodies at well-known game manufacturers. This means that each game round runs independently of the previous one and this cannot be influenced by the manufacturer or the online casino. A win does not affect the generator in any way. The chances of another win in the following game rounds are just as high as without a previous payout.

Myth – You need to know about symbols and bonus features of slots.

Where does the nonsense come from: In most cases it is sites like ours that want to encourage you to read their slot reviews and slot machine tests. The longer you spend on a page, the more attractive it becomes for advertisers. The length of your stay also has a certain influence on the ranking on Google.

The Truth: It doesn’t matter at all to your chances of winning whether you know the symbols and features of a slot machine or have no plan at all. However, it doesn’t hurt either. The more you know about a game, the more fun it is to root for it. Whereby you also learn this knowledge in the course of playing. In addition, not everyone likes to watch the reels continuously, but lets the autoplay feature run. The bottom line is that you cannot influence the outcome of a game round. Even if you have memorized the payout of each symbol.

Myth – Only the maximum bet can win

maximum bet

Where does the nonsense come from: It is obvious why such a myth makes the rounds. Slot games retain a fixed percentage of all bets over the long term. The more money is used, the more an online casino earns.

The truth: The stake size has no influence on your chances of winning. It doesn’t matter whether you play with one or all paylines. Of course, if you bet more, you can win more. But the same principle applies to losses.

However, there is one exception. With jackpot slots, you actually have a better chance of winning with higher stakes. Take Microgaming’s Mega Moolah for example. It is true that you can win there with a smaller stake, but the prospect of the Mega Jackpot is actually better with a higher stake. In some jackpot games, the prospect of the main prize is only offered with the maximum bet and all activated paylines.

Myth – The demo mode of slot machines gives you an excellent insight into the game and makes you better players

Where does the nonsense come from: Once again it is sites with casino reviews that tell you this. You should be “tempted” to drop by an online casino, after all you have nothing to lose. But what does the casino test page have to offer? If enough undecided players play in play money mode, some of them will make profits. The idea is that they deposit afterwards because they found the “right” game and tasted blood. The casino review site earns money for every player who signs up and deposits through your link. We make our money the same way, but rely on 100% transparency and honesty in dealing with our readers.

The truth: It certainly makes sense, especially for newcomers to the land of gambling, to look at one or the other slot machine in peace and free of charge. But this free play brings you absolutely nothing in terms of winning prospects. The only thing that decides this is luck, as well as the RTP and the volatility of the games. You can find out more about this in our slots tips below.

Myth – Jackpots only pay out after swallowing a certain number of bets.

Where does the nonsense come from: Good question. This myth was certainly not created by online casinos or gambling sites in general. Rather, these are players who think they have found a formula for success and are spreading it. In the worst case, you also have to pay money for such false claims because they are in books with slot machine tricks.

Never buy a book about casino tricks, arcade tricks, online casino tricks, etc. The information presented there is identical to our information and other free offers. Believe me, I fell victim to it myself. Also, don’t fall for Facebook comments or other rating features on such sites. These people will stop at nothing to sell their books and rip off your money with false promises of guaranteed profits.

The Truth: When a jackpot pays out has nothing to do with its size. Each game round is random thanks to the random number generator and can lead to any result at any time. But people aren’t completely wrong about this myth, but for a different reason. Although it has no effect on the chance of winning, it still makes sense to only play when the jackpot has reached a certain level. Simply because that’s when a jackpot pays out the most (aim here at the average payout – if the amount is exceeded, start playing). It makes a difference whether you win €700,000 at NetEnt’s Mega Fortune or end up with over €10 million in your account.

Myth – After several losing spins, the bet should be increased

bet should be increased

Where does the nonsense come from: Such myths, including many other betting strategies, are circulated by books with slot machine tips. As already mentioned, you should always keep your distance from it. This way of playing offers no mathematical or strategic advantage.

The Truth: Previous rounds of play do not affect the next. A dry spell with 10 game rounds without a win does not mean that a large payout is imminent. There are even slot machine manufacturers who offer you to automatically use certain betting patterns for their titles. At Elk Studios, these deployment strategies are called, for example, jumpers, levellers, or boosters. This is only to pretend that you have an influence on your results and bind you to the device in the long term. Unfortunately, you have no way of tricking a slot game with different betting patterns. The only important thing is that you stick to the limits you have set for all your bets and have good bankroll management. More on that below.

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