At this point we would like to say goodbye to the general explanation of system bets and would rather provide a few specific tips. Because with the right hints, our football betting strategy will be even more successful. In principle, the Oddset system bet is also suitable, although we recommend other bookmakers. Because the best odds bring a huge advantage, especially with combinations. Betway, Interwetten, Tipico or Unibet are at the forefront here. Now that we have introduced the types of bets, we finally turn our attention to general system bet tips.

  • 2-way bet: It is an advantage if there is only right or wrong
  • Small systems: The larger the system, the higher the failure rate
  • Calculate chances: Do not blindly select a system, but weigh it up

System bet: 2-way bets are preferable!

Whether football bets on the go or from home, whoever bets on 2-way system bets has an advantage. Let’s take a look at the classic 3-way bet. There is the home win, the away win and the draw. Only one of these eventualities occurs. The other two are wrong. The typical 2-way bet is the Over 2.5 Goals. Here there are only zero to two goals or three hits and more. Of course, this also applies to under-goal bets.

You don’t need a system bet calculator to see that it makes sense, especially with systems, to use the 2-way bets. Now, of course, you can’t choose randomly. Of course, a competent analysis is necessary. A clever tactic is to wait for the first half and then weigh up how many more goals will be scored during the 15-minute break. The course of the game can give a good indication of this.

System bet tips that are too big are not promising!

System bet tips

A system bet 4 out of 5 is clear. A tip with 9 out of 10 selections is still very unlikely to go through. Even with relatively small quotas, the meaning can be questioned here. Because there is always a chance that a favorite will not win or that too few or too many goals will be scored somewhere. With ten picks, the chance of having two selections wrong increases.

In general, we recommend limiting yourself to the systems we have presented. In this context we can also suggest small combination bets with two or three selections. More lots should not be combined, even with small quotes. The sparrow in the hand is better than the dove on the roof. Or to put it another way: What use is a high total profit that we never get paid out.

Weigh the probability of tips with the system!

tips with the system

How is the probability of a quota calculated? To do this, we simply divide the equivalent value by one and multiply this value by 100. If we take 1.40 as odds, the formula looks like this: 1/1.40*100. The result is a 71.42. This percentage describes the calculated probability of the bookmaker. If we see the chances as greater, the tip is worth it.

Combinations and systems can also be analyzed in this way. But we also see that even with such a low rate, the chance of failure is still over 28 percent. Another reason to keep the systems as small as possible. With a system bet calculator, the user gets a good overview of potential profits in consideration of the stake and the associated risk.

Conclusion on the system bet calculator: success thanks to clever selection

Two things must be chosen wisely. On the one hand, this means the system itself. It shouldn’t be too big. And the odds should ideally be selected in such a way that no loss is made with the lowest hit rate that still brings a payout. Furthermore, the games have to be analyzed and integrated into the system according to their chances. The system bet calculator provides a good overview of stakes and potential winnings.

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